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"If you are not frequently auditing your internal sales process and your prospect's / client's / consumer's buying habits,
you are playing blind and you are on the way to become EXTINCT!"
- Carlos Garcia (@pinopr)

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Company History

After his tenure in García, Plaja y Asociados, Inc., Carlos García (Pino) founded Sky Sources Printing Corp. in 2001. There he utilized his expertise in screen printing and advertising to develop this new venture focusing on digital printing (banners, fleet graphics, building wraps, etc.). In 2003 the company was absorbed by Advanced Media Solutions, Inc. to add the new sales, marketing, media and business consulting divisions.

PMG was founded in 2010 as a strategic alternative marketing solution company. In June 2012, PMG rebranded into a consulting firm focused in providing excellent service in the areas of Strategic Sales, Marketing, Technology, Business Consulting, Product Placement / Brokerage and Specialized Workshops.

Pino’s Kuztom Graphix, Pino’s Gallery and Fleet Ad are divisions of PMG.

What we do
PMG is specialized in Social Business Integration and Social Market Intelligence consulting. Business is about relationships. We teach you how to use the technology to get qualified leads, more referrals and much faster results for your business.

We provide solutions and services for the Healthcare, Automotive, Banking / Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Food / Beverage, Luxury Transportation, Education, Trade Associations and Staffing industries. We also work with SMB's. In addition we provide Print, Media and Consulting Services.

We provide the following services

Consulting Services

  * Sales

  * Marketing

  * Technology

  * Human Resources Development

  * Product Placement / Brokerage

  * For High School & College

    Students, Professionals, Self-

    employed, Business Owners or

    Corporation Executives.

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Download our freebies here


   * DSS Activity Meter by PMG

     24" x 36" Size on PDF format

   * Lifestyle Meter by PMG

      12" X 18" Size on PDF format

   * Wealth Meter by PMG

      24" x 36" Coming Soon

   * Influence Meter by PMG

      24" x 36" Coming Soon

   Relationships Meter by PMG

     36" x 36" Size on PDF format

   * Priorities Meter by PMG

     36" x 36" Size on PDF format


Download the PDF's on the links below for our Social Selling Math 101 Infographic Series.

#DevelopingRelationships  on PDF format

#TheCritical8  on PDF format

Training, Workshops & Seminars

    * Strategic Sales, Marketing, Technology &

       Business Consulting

Executive Meetings
(Click here for pdf.)


#ELMEURI Educational Series is our premier program for personal transformation!

Check out all the details on the pdf. (Click on the image below.)

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Help us bring this program free of charge to a local school or university this 2020 and help the future professionals of Puerto Rico be ready for a life transformation experience.


Check out our social media

content guide for 2016

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Let's take your performance to the next level

with the right mindset and attitude.


Check out our

Lead Generation & Follow up e-book 

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to download the e-book on pdf format.

Qualified leads and a consistent follow up

are critical to a healthy sales pipeline.

For keynote & speaking opportunities, please contact us at:    [email protected]

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